Live Streaming / Webcasting a Funeral at Carnforth Catholic Church

Professional funeral live streaming webcasting carnforth, lancashire

It was an honour to be asked to provide the Live Streaming for a Catholic Church in Carnforth, Lancashire back in February.

As always, I was as Unobtrusive as possible for the funeral – This is a vital part of my service and something I pride myslef in. Most people say they don’t even remember me being there!

Funeral live streaming webcasting carnforth, lancashire
professional funeral live streaming Videography carnforth, lancashire

I used 2 cameras for this service as well as installing microphones to pick up the eulogy, readings and homily. 

The service was watched by many people who were sadly unable to make it to the service. It was really valued by the family who were all very appreciate. It was good to work with Alan Fawcett Funeral directors once again.

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