Video / Audio Tapes Conversions & Transfers to Digital

We can transfer and digitise your old home video and audio tapes so they can be enjoyed once again and treasured in a format that suits you. 

Our Video and Audio Transfers / Conversions service is fast and friendly – We are based just outside of Lancaster, in Lancashire. Tapes can be dropped off if local or posted to us.

Please see our Price List below

VHS Hi8 Betamax Mini DV Video 8 Camcorder transfers Conversions to Digital or DVD - Lancaster, Lancashire

We can transfer from VHS – Betamax – VHSc – Hi8 – Video 8 – Digital 8 – Mini DV – any of the main Camcorder formats.

Files can be either sent as an MP4 Digital Download, put on a DVD or copied onto your own USB stick or one we can supply one.

Audio Tape Cassette Reel to Reel Transfers to Digital - Lancaster, Lancashire

Audio Cassettes and Reels can be converted to Digital format on either MP3 or Wav files.

We can also enhance the audio files to reduce any hissing or buzzing noises and also boost any voices.

Contact us on 07946 400935 or fill in a CONTACT FORM HERE


How long will the process take?

Once I have the tapes, it will normally take between 2-3 days. At busy times it might take up to 10 days.

How do I get the tapes to you?

If you are local to Lancster, it’s best to drop off here and then collect them again afterwards. If you are further away, consider posting them with recorded delivery. I will return them the same way at cost.

How do I pay for them?

I will send an Invoice once they are done and you can pay via bank transfer or cash on collection.

Can you do anything to improve the quality?

For video tapes, there isn’t much that can be done. Unfortunately over the years, the tape deteriorates and the picture and sound can become patchy. For Audio tapes, I can enhance the volume and reduce hissing and buzzing for £5 per tape.

Can you convert Copyrighted material?

I’m afraid not as it’s against the law.

Will the video picture be stretched?

No. Even though the likelihood is that it was filmed in a Square 4:3 format, I will transfer it the same way, but it will be outputted in Widescreen 16:9 with black bars either side so it won’t look distorted.

Should I get a Digital File or have them on a DVD?

I would recommend a Digital file for two reasons. Firstly it’s much more compact and flexible, so you could play it on a Smart TV or a computer. Secondly, DVDs and DVD players are going the same way as VCRs. They will be extinct soon! So how will you watch your DVDs? A digital file future proofs your conversion.

Can you convert Cine Films?

Coming soon! Please contact me for further info
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