Professional Funeral Filming & Live Streaming service in Lancashire / Cumbria / Yorkshire – North West England

Purple Videos Ltd provides professional funeral filming and live streaming services in Churches and Crematoriums across North West England. With over 200 funerals being streamed, this work has seen us travel all across the counties of Cumbria, Lancashire and Yorkshire as well as Merseyside and Greater Manchester.

This service began during  the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic and even though restrictions are long gone, this service have been in more demand than ever. It’s a great facility for mourners who are still shielding and those who live far away or overseas.


Funeral Live Streaming Webcasting North West England - Reliable & Professional

Live Streaming / Webcasting
We Livestream the memorial service so friends and family from around the world can watch live on a private link whilst the funeral is taking place. Ideally an Internet connection will be used if there is one, but we also use a clever gadget which takes mobile data from 4 networks and bonds them together to give the best possible signal. This means streaming can be achieved even in remote places.

The funeral service is recorded as standard. We aim to get this version online within a day and the service can be downloaded by the family. We use multiple broadcast video cameras to film with and set up our own microphones to ensure top quality sound.

Funeral Live Streaming Webcasting Lancashire & Cumbria - Discreet & Unobtrusive

Prices start from £325

The filming of the service will be handled sensitively and with respect. I’m a highly experienced professional. Many people comment afterwards that they didn’t even notice I was there!

Purple Videos Ltd was established in 2004. 


Funeral Live Streaming Webcasting Manchester & Liverpool - Discreet & UnobtrusiveProfessional Equipment

What Is Included?

  • 3 Professional Video Cameras, Live mixing between all 3 sources
  • Microphones Installed to get clear sound
  • Arrive 2 hours prior to get set up (If possible)
  • Streaming begins about 15 minutes before the service starts
  • Private links sent out in advance – The service can be watched live or afterwards
  • Downloadable recording made available within a couple of days
  • Mobile bonded Internet connection to stream the service


The service I offer is high quality from start to finish.

I always like to arrive very early to get set up and make sure everything is working. I use high end video cameras to capture the service. I prefer to install my own wired microphones rather than rely on the church sound systems which are usually unmanned and sometimes don’t work correctly.
I have a vision mixer to switch between 3 different angles and an audio mixer to fade in and out the various microphones. Some people may think this is a bit over the top, but I like to do the best job I can for the families I work with.
At the end of the day, you only get one go at capturing something like this and I want to be as professional as possible and not leave anything to chance.
Funeral Live Streaming Webcasting Lancaster - Great Sound Quality
“Many thanks for this, Andrew, and for everything you did on Monday. I mean it as a great compliment that I was totally unaware of you and didn’t give you a thought all day. A measure of your professionalism and the confidence you convey that everything will be totally taken care of. I’ve had lovely feedback from friends who watched the live stream. Again I mean it as a compliment that no one made any mention of the technical side of things so clearly it was all straightforward for them. I hope not to need your services for anything similar again but will certainly recommend you to others.”
“Thank you so, so much for these beautiful videos. You did a wonderful job and it made me so happy to be a part of Gran’s goodbye. I have cried tears of both sadness and joy that I could see both of the services.
I really, really appreciate it. These videos have made me feel that bit closer than I actually am!
I hope everyone else enjoys them as much as I did.”

“Thank you so much Andrew, it is incredible to have such a clear picture and sound here in Alberta”

“Andrew unobtrusively livestreamed for us a recent church thanksgiving service for my mother, which greatly impressed and moved all those in the family who watched it who unfortunately couldn’t be there. The quality of the sound and video from multiple angles was truly excellent in both this and the recording he made available after the event. Remarkable considering the amount of time he had to set everything up. Can’t recommend Andrew highly enough; thanks!”