Funeral Live Streaming Webcast Filming in Southport Merseyside

It was an honour to be asked to supply the filming and live streaming of a funeral in Southport in January.

It was a lovely service and the priest who led the ceremony was very warm and welcoming. He was also very kind to me and let me in early to get everything set up.

There was no Internet at the church, but I was able to use my LiveU solo which bonds 3 mobile phone signals together – As usual, it streamed the service via mobile data so well. I used 3 cameras in the church to offer the people watching all around the world a good viewing experience.

Here’s what a family member had to say in a thank you message afterwards:

“Thank you again for an absolutely brilliant webcasting and all the professionalism and organisation around it. Dad was one for things being done properly and your work was faultless. As I said earlier, we were receiving messages straight away about how good it was. We’ve watched it back ourselves and couldn’t be more pleased..the image and audio quality and getting the whole of the church, service and procession in etc 👌. Not to go overboard, but you can probs appreciate how important it is that something like this goes well and how few businesses are actually doing it. Thanks again. “

Funeral Live Streaming Webcast videography in Southport Merseyside
Funeral Live Streaming Webcast videography in Southport Merseyside

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