Filming Cooking demonstrations in Chinese Restaurant, Blackpool

Chinese Cooking Demonstration Demo Filming - Product Video - Kitchen recipe - Blackpool, Lancashire, Videoing

In June 2018, I went to film some Cuisine Cooking Demonstrations to show off what can be done on a Cinders Barbecues StreetWok LP20 – What a fun day!!

It was set in the kitchen of the well known Chinese restaurant, Michael Wan’s Mandarin in the centre of Blackpool. Pauline Li was the chef who cooked up 4 delicious recipes in next to no time – One of the perks of the job was getting to sample each meal and  they were delicious.

The 4  culinary demos that I was filming were then edited into 3 videos – A full length version, a 5 minute version and then a 3 minute version to go on the Cinders Barbecues Website.

Have a look at the videos below to see how fast this product cooks these delicious meals!

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