Event Live Streaming / Webcasting at The US Embassy, London

Lecture Live Stream Webcasting Service - The US Embassy London
Conference Live Streaming - The US Embassy, London

In November 2023, I was asked to provide the Live Streaming and filming of a Keynote speech and discussion at the US Embassy in London.

The event was organised by The Cultural Philanthropy Foundation and the speaker was Darren Walker OBE.

It was a great honour to work at the US Embassy – All the staff were so very helpful.

I used 3 professional video cameras for the webcasting and recording and was able to patch into the Embassy’s sound system to ensure great sound quality.

Many people joined in online by watching the Live stream on Youtube and via on demand later on. The organisers were once again thrilled with my work – Here’s what they had to say:

Event Live Streaming Webcasting - The US Embassy, London

“Thanks so much for this – you are always so brilliant and calm, and the video looks great. We really appreciate it.”

Professional Event Live Streaming - The US Embassy, London

The staff at The US Embassy must have been Impressed too because they recommended me to another organisation who had an event booked there – Transparency International.

So in January 2024, I travelled down to London once again for a Panel Discussion and keynote address. I provided the live stream and recording of the seminar / lecture once again on 3 cameras. They were also delighted with the results:

“Huge thanks for all your help last night – we’ve had great feedback on the quality of the live stream.”

Professional Meeting Live Streaming - The US Embassy, London

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